Villagers in shock over double tragedy

CHILDREN of the deceased Mederina Kasumpa and their uncle, Joe Mayambi

IT IS exactly one week since two young women and best friends died after being burnt by their loved one in a grass-roofed house they were sleeping in.
The tragedy has left both families in Shikabuwa and Kakombo villages, and the community at large, in shock.
The two women, Mederina Kasumpa, 22, and her sister-in-law Josephine Kalunga, 33, were burnt on June 24 by a person they knew very well, Brian Kalunga. He was Mederina’s husband and Josephine’s brother.

REMAINS of the house where the deceased were torched to death

The family describes Josephine and Brian as having been very close siblings who consulted each other on a number of things.
Although the deaths have divided the two families, the pain of losing their daughters in such a manner will forever be engraved on their minds.
In Shikabuwa village, the Kalunga family are yet to disperse after burying their daughter Josephine. For them, it feels like they have lost three of their family members; two to death and one to jail.
Memory Inambao, who saw the diseased on fire, says memories of them still give her nightmares.
Memory was the first person who heard the two women screaming for help and saw the fire around 21:00 hours when she was walking past the victims home that fateful night.
“I didn’t realise what was happening until I got closer to the house and heard screams. That was when I knew that there were people in the house burning. By then the entire roof was on the verge of collapsing. So I ran to call my husband,” she says.
She recalls how she ran about 200 metres to get her husband Kebbo Shakabozha to help rescue the two women.
When they got back to the house, they were shocked to find the alleged arsonist Brian watching the raging fire unbothered about the CLICK TO READ MORE

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