Vets welcome split of Ministry of Agriculture

THE Veterinary Association of Zambia (VAZ) has welcomed the decision by President Lungu to split the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock into two ministries.
During his maiden speech to the Fifth Session of the 11th National Assembly recently, President Lungu announced plans to split the ministry into the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development, and the Ministry of Agriculture.
VAZ public relations officer Amy Kingdom said in an interview yesterday that the veterinary professionals and para-professionals consider the decision as beneficial for all agriculture sectors.
Dr Kingdom added that this will allow each sector to more readily attain the aspirations enshrined in the Revised Sixth National Development Plan.
“As an association, we look forward to working with the government as it establishes the new Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development, and we  are offering our services to assist with developing policies and frameworks that can take the livestock and fisheries sectors forward,”  Dr Kingdom said.
She said the development will ultimately benefit rural households, which largely depend on the agriculture sectors for their livelihoods.
Dr Kingdom said veterinary professionals and para-professionals in both public and private sectors have also offered their knowledge and services to further the development of the veterinary, fisheries and livestock sectors.
“We hope to work together in unity of purpose, to increase these sectors’ contribution to sustainable economic growth, poverty reduction and employment creation, and we look forward to seeing the benefits that a well-funded Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development will impart to the country,” Dr Kingdom said.

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