Venture into agri-business, youths urged

AMIRAN Zambia has attributed youth unemployment in the country to failure by some youths to venture in agri-business activities that could be highly rewarding and alleviate poverty in rural areas.
Company public relations and development manager Karen Oryejovsky said some youths perceive farming as an activity for the old which has resulted in high unemployment levels in the country.
During the just-ended Southern Tourism and Agricultural and Commercial Show (STACS), Ms Oryejovsky said youth unemployment is a critical development concern to the Zambian government which has repeatedly laid out strategies and initiatives to address youth unemployment.
“Farming is perceived by the youth as something to do when one reaches retirement age, or something people do to survive. It is not seen as a business in which one can make real money,” she said
Ms Oryejovsky urged youths to undertake agri-business as a potential contributor to the country’s economy which can also address unemployment.
“The majority of unemployed persons in Zambia are youth and due to inadequate employment and livelihood opportunities in rural areas,  the tendency is that youth migrate to urban centres to look for employment opportunities, overlooking the lucrative farming business that is viable in the rural areas,” she said.

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