Letter to the Editor

VAT rule no. 18 is law

Dear editor,
ZAMBIANS fascinate me a lot when it comes to analysing what is in public domain. The learned technocrats are the most interesting.
Lately there has been so much debate on statutory instrument VAT Rule No. 18 which in general is legal and has nothing to do with either Patriotic Front government or the Finance Minister by virtue of it being in existence before PF came into power.
However, it is disappointing to note that all the debate going on does not include the validity of this instrument for everyone to understand that it has nothing to do with an individual but that it is legal and the only way for me to serve the country as claimed by some intellectuals is to reverse it rather than to attack individuals.
More surprising now is that the same technocrats are asking President Sata not to pay US$600 million VAT refunds.
These are the same people who turn round to accuse the presidency of having so much power and yet are now asking him to do exactly what they would not want him to do normally.
Under what capacity should the President be asked not to pay the refund when the VAT Rule 18 is legal currently if not for it to be reversed by an Act of Parliament?
Do you again want to turn round and accuse President Sata and the PF government of exhibiting dictatorial tendencies if he acts outside the Act of Parliament?
Let us debate what is good or bad about VAT Rule No.18, not who is implementing it, for us to have its broader understanding.
Let us stop politics every time we are faced with a situation which is legal yet has implementation deficiencies or challenges. Let us learn to be guided by the Acts of Parliament that are laws and lobby for reversal of those that are not in public interest instead of name- calling.

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