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Varsities producing dull graduates face down-grade

MINISTER of Higher Education Nkandu Luo has threatened to down-grade institutions of higher learning that produce non-performing graduates.
And Prof Luo is worried about the poor reading culture among Zambians which she said is affecting development.
She said this at the 2017 books expo in Lusaka yesterday. The event brought together various Zambian writers who showcased their works.
“Education, colleagues, is not passing with a degree, it’s about leaving a university and being able to think outside the box, then you are educated. If you get out of a university and you come to Professor Luo’s office to look for a job, consider yourself schooled and as a result of that I’m reshaping all our institutions in Zambia,” she said.
Prof Luo said a country that does not anchor its activities on education and health is lost.
“If we were beating drums with young girls dancing and shaking their waists, this place would have been full of spectators. this shows that we have a serious problem of reading culture in Zambia and the issue of writing,” she said.
She said Zambians have been so absorbed by social media gossip that they cannot read proper information.
Prof Luo appealed to learners not to rely on being employed.
“Even our schools are structured in such a way that when one graduates, they start thinking of who will employ them. That is why I was impressed when I noticed that some of the books by our own people are talking about how to be self-reliant,” she said.
She said Zambians have a lot of potential to take the country to higher heights.
And speaking at the same event, Samuel Zulu, a local writer, said most Zambians have not taken interest in reading local publications.
Mr Zulu said his books have received a good response in other countries.

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