Letter to the Editor

UTH continues scoring successes

Dear editor,
I WISH to commend the Neurosurgery STP programme at the University Teaching Hospitals (UTH) for the intervention in the health sector.
Since the launch of the programme, the country has witnessed several breakthrough surgeries done at the country’s biggest referral hospital.
Two days ago, a team of five surgeons that included two young women successfully operated on a 16-year-old female patient from Eastern Province who had the misfortune to suffer from a tumour in the posterior fossa.
Congrats to the two upcoming surgeons – Bwalya Haangala and Misozi M Lufungulo – for the job well done.
Head of the programme Kachinga Sichizya, too, deserves credit for mentoring the two young surgeons.
Through the Neurosurgery STP programme, the country has a lot of hope.
Keep it up, UTH neurosurgeons.

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