Using ICT to promote agriculture

THE armyworm, which is a larvae of a moth, crawls into the leafy funnel of a maize plant and eats up the middle part of the plant, making young plants stand no chance of survival.

MOBILE technology is changing the way we do things in many ways – from the way we communicate with family and friends to the way we do business.
In the agriculture sector, one of the country’s economic mainstays, experts are now using mobile technology to share vital information on how to help farmers improve their yields.
In Rufunsa, east of Lusaka, extension workers have formed WhatsApp groups where they share information, including ways to combat the fall army worm, which is currently devastating maize fields in the area.
An outbreak of fall army worms has been reported in various districts across the country, threatening food security.
In the last farming season, Rufunsa district was one of the most affected areas by the fall army worms, which is a larvae of a fall armyworm moth.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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