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‘Use me rightly, not wrongly’

MANY are the times when we use the good things that we have, wrongly. They say, “In every advantage, there is a disadvantage.” Thus bad things are sometimes as a result of good things.
The real intention of the invention of the internet was to ease access to important information worldwide.
But instead of downloading tutorials, a university/college student is downloading pornographic videos and instead of researching more on a science topic, a secondary school pupil is viewing nude pictures on the internet.
I hear ‘musical talent’ telling a musician, “Leading people to hell is not the reason I was given to you. Please stop composing and singing songs that will lead people to sin.”
Somewhere, elsewhere, a pastor impregnated his church member. The story explains that the impregnated woman used to go to the pastor’s house for prayers…
Furthermore, stories about lecturers being corrupt, accountant stealing money, and pharmacists stealing drugs, are everywhere. A number of times, I’ve read and heard of exposed lecturers, blacklisted accountants and chemistry business being so profitable because the owners do not buy and sell most medicines, but steal and sell instead.
And finally, drugs are not only used as medicine. There is a lot of money in drug dealing and some kind of pleasure in drug abuse. Thus, stories of people being arrested for drug dealing and abuse are so common. But why all this misuse?
A friend of mine once said, “Worldly things are so sweet, that’s why most Christians fail to maintain Christ-like living. And at times, a Christian may even justify and comfort himself or herself by saying that God understands why they are doing wrong.”
Pornography has become an addiction to most of the people because sex and masturbation are so pleasurable. To them, it is impossible to resist such pleasure. They even look at other friends who do not do what they do as not being normal.
Coming to musical talent, most musicians go for secular music stating that there is no money in gospel music. I agree with this because, according to my observation, secular music has more fan base – more the support as compared to gospel music.
For pastors, a friend of mine said, “The sweetness of worldly things at times gets the better of even strong men of God. But sometimes it could be that that particular person or pastor is into ministry just for money – he is not deeply rooted in the word, and thus when he stumbles, he easily falls.”
So then mostly, people end up misusing the internet, talents, gifts and professions because of the very sweet pleasures of the world. The internet users, the musicians, the pastors, the lecturers, the accountants, and the pharmacists misuse what they have because of the very sweet worldly pleasures.
Now, wrong is wrong, no matter what the reason behind it was. And there is always an alternative choice before choosing wrong, which is ‘right’.
Rather than downloading pornographic videos and viewing nude pictures, there are many other good or right ways in which the internet could be used. One of them may be downloading religious sermons. Porn addiction can be overcome by keeping oneself busy with other things.
As for talent, God gave one musical talent so that he or she can expand God’s kingdom through music. And if one is using the talent God gave him/her rightly, what would stop God from rewarding him/her – riches.
Apart from that, it is a very good thing to identify one’s spiritual gift and use it. Maintaining doing so is another very good and important thing. But many fail because they do not unceasingly exercise Christ-like living.
And, with self-discipline, moral consciousness and unselfishness, one could overcome such temptation as stealing money through his/her profession using drugs wrongly. By the way, if you choose to, it is more pleasurable to be in the house of the Lord and to live under God’s favour. Contribute to making the world a better place by using what you have rightly.
The author is a journalism student at Evelyn Hone College in Lusaka.

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