Letter to the Editor

Use of anointing oil today, is it Biblical?

Dear editor,
WHEN I was growing up in Chililabombwe, in my childhood church – Christian Mission in Main Lands (CMML), I never knew or heard of anointing oil.

However, today all sorts of anointing oil have flooded our country. Men of God are now making a fortune by selling these to people who want to either protect themselves or prosper.
One man of ‘God’ in Lusaka sells a small bottle at K100.
When I read Exodus 30 and 33, it says “It must not be poured on ordinary men. It is holy and you must treat it as holy. Whoever makes any like it or uses any of it on anyone who is not a priest will no longer be considered one of my people”.
My question to the people who use anointing oil is “what do you have to say about what God is telling us in the Holy Book?

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