US commends MPs on constitution bill


AMERICAN Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz says members of Parliament (MPs) did an “admirable” job of representing the Zambian people by passing the constitution bill.
Mr Schultz said the MPs acted in the interest of the people of Zambia by passing the amendments.
Responding to a query, Mr Schultz said: “We congratulate the people and government of Zambia for the National Assembly’s passage of constitution amendment bill number 17.”
“We look forward to President Lungu signing the bill into law.”
Mr Schultz said the American government expects to see a constitutional reform of the bill of rights held in conjunction with the 2016 general elections, which he said should complete the process in a cost-effective and efficient manner.”
And Kenyan High Commissioner to Zambia, Malawi and COMESA Sophy Kombe has urged Zambian women to read, study and understand the Constitution so that they can participate in the country’s governance system.
Ms Kombe said it is only when women read and understand the Constitution that they will appreciate what is there for them in the supreme law of the land.
Meanwhile, the Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia (ISCZ) says the preamble to the newly passed Constitution Bill has made indigenous Moslems feel proud Zambians unlike in the past.
ISCZ president Sugzyo Zimba said an interview yesterday the preamble to the Constitution Bill is “fair” and makes indigenous Moslems “feel part of the country”.
The preamble to the Constitution has been revised in order to recognise the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural character of Zambia.
“We, the People of Zambia acknowledge the supremacy of God Almighty; declare the Republic a Christian nation while upholding a person’s right to freedom of conscience, belief or religion,” it reads in part.

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