UPND primaries disrupted


VIOLENCE characterised the United Party for National Development (UPND) preliminary adoption process in Kabwata constituency on Wednesday.Police say 22 people were picked up in connection with the fracas.
According to UPND vicepresident Mutale Nalumango,a stone-throwing mob attacked the party command centre in Kamwala ward 5, where primary elections for Kabwata constituency adoptions were being done. A mob, reported to have been armed with Taser guns,stormed the centre with intent to disrupt elections as some UPND cadres scampered, with others seeking refuge in nearby houses.Police fired teargas canisters to calm the situation and apprehended 22 people, who are still in detention.“I have been informed that the violence happened while they were having primaries within the party. They were having elections in the house when they were CLICK TO READ MORE

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