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Uphold unity in grief

AS we continue to grieve late President Michael Sata, it is undeniable that we have, as Zambians from all walks of life, been affected in one way or another.
Some among us are very close members of the family and others are friends. The rest may be ordinary Zambians.
Though the degree of grief may not be the same as that of the close family members, our show of grief is commendable. And it is indeed a Zambian attitude.
It was elating to see how Zambians, from all corners of the country on Saturday converged on Kenneth Kaunda International Airport or lined the streets to receive the remains of the late President.
We commend leaders of the political parties that turned up at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. Their support is most valued at this hour and this is what we call Zambian.
But much more so was the absence of any face-off by any political groupings on account of their conflicting views. At a time like this, it is commendable to consider the situation and see how best one may support the other, especially the first family.
Political affiliations were thrown to the winds on Saturday, recognising the fact that it was a sombre occasion.
This is the unity and peace that Zambia is renowned for worldwide.
The Bible, in Romans 12:15, exhorts us to: “Rejoice with them that do rejoice and weep with them that do weep”.
Even in our communities, we all flock to a funeral house when one of our neighbours has been struck by misfortune.
The turnout by Zambians from all walks of life on Saturday to receive late President Sata’s body, was in line with the Biblical exhortation and it has once again demonstrated the unity that defines our neighbourliness as Zambians.
We are known far and wide as friendly people. Any stranger in our midst will be made to easily feel at home.
Therefore, our period of mourning should remain characterised by this purely Zambian attitude and without losing sight of our one goal, to accord the late president a befitting send-off.
President Sata’s son and Lusaka Mayor, Mulenga, has stated that the family and the nation should move on as that is what his father would have loved.
Furthermore, in line with the appeal from the mayor to mourn with dignity, Zambians will do well if they heed his words.
This is a moment that every Zambian should demonstrate dignity towards one another and honour the late President.
There is no more befitting send-off than to show dignity to the departed in the way we mourn them and this moment should not take away virtue from us.
With body viewing taking place now, there is need for more of the unity and dignity towards one another. We are still in the period of mourning and the more we remain united, the better for our country.
Let us close up our ranks and allow no room for the enemy who is able to steal and destroy the unity and peace we have known thus far.
In the Zambian style once again, we want to urge Zambians to turn out in numbers at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre to pay their last respects to our very own, son of the soil, late President Sata.
Once again, we resort to that age-old maxim, “United we stand, divided we fall”. We urge all to always keep this maxim in mind and may God grant Zambia the grace to pull through this period.

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