Letter to the Editor

Upgrade FNB Levy mall ATM

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to use your able forum to appeal to First National Bank (FNB) to upgrade the automated teller

machine at Levy mall to enable clients to do their transactions as quickly as possible.
This is because the central location of Levy mall makes it an ideal place for one to quickly dash and make a quick deposit or withdrawal.
The online banking services offered by the FNB are working well for entrepreneurs like me who are mixing formal employment and running small businesses.
However, in order to succeed at both, entrepreneurs require quick and efficient services such as online payments, ATM deposits and fast delivery.
The nearest ATM in that vicinity is the one at Society House on Cairo Road. However, the constant traffic in the central business district makes it difficult for someone with limited time.
I appeal to the bank to consider this as quickly as possible and ease the burden on their loyal clients.

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