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Upgrade of Bottom road advances

UPGRADING to bituminous standard of the over 100km Bottom road stretching between Sinazongwe and Siavonga districts in Southern Province has advanced.
Gwembe district commissioner Alice Mwiinga said in an interview yesterday that tarring of the road, which meanders through the hills of Gwembe valley, has now reached Gwembe from Siavonga.
The road is of great economic importance as it links towns and settlements in the Lower Zambezi, starting with Siavonga via Chaanga to Munyumbwe and Gwembe before connecting to Sinazongwe to Livingstone through Senior Chief Mukuni’s palace in Kazungula.
The upgrading of the road, which is under the ambitious Link Zambia 8000 project launched by the late President Sata in 2012, is meant to open up the area to socio-economic development.
“Upgrading of the Bottom road from gravel level to bituminous standard is progressing well. The stretch from the junction of Siavonga road towards Munyumbwe area in Gwembe has already been tarred.
“Once the road is completely tarred, it will definitely ease the movement of people and goods, particularly those residing in the valley areas of Siavonga and Gwembe,” Ms Mwiinga said.
And Ms Mwiinga said Government completed phase one of the construction of Munyumbwe Secondary School while two basic schools have been upgraded to secondary schools.
“The upgrading and construction of schools in this our mountainous district will surely improve the quality of education and ensure that our children learn in a conducive environment that will motivate them to work hard,” she said.
Ms Mwiinga further disclosed that Government has set aside a substantial amount of money for the construction of 10 boreholes in the district.

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