Letter to the Editor

UoA makes strong case to make graduates more employable

Dear editor,
ALLOW me space in your esteemed newspaper to comment on the analysis of Chungu Kabaso, University of Africa (UoA) head of business development studies.
In his analysis titled ‘Industry-ready graduates panacea for high unemployment’, published on August 14, 2019, Kabaso advocated for higher education institutions to produce graduates with skills oriented to economy needs supported by ongoing exposure to industry realities.
I agree that higher education institutions collaborating with industry were more likely to achieve the desired goal of enhancing employability in a widest sense of enabling graduates to be engaged in other gainful economic activities rather than just being hired by a company.
Further, it is a challenge to universities to hold regular industry events and run experiential learning programmes involving would-be students, students and industry.
This would radically improve identification of relevant skills set desired by industry and match them with appropriate university studies, and ultimately improve attractiveness of graduates to employers.
On a broader level, it would be helpful to have an annual ranking of universities locally, regionally and internationally.

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