UoA appoints Zambia’s first female chancellor

Ruth Mubanga has been appointed chancellor of the University of Africa, making history of being first female to ascend to that position in Zambia.
“The appointment is one more example of the ground-breaking direction the

university is taking,” said Tobias Doyer, vice chancellor of the University of Africa.
In years before she became chancellor of the University of Africa, Ms Mubanga held senior positions in the education sector, where she has spent nearly three decades of her career.
She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Zambia and holds a Masters among her other post-graduate academic achievements.
Being involved in successfully designing and implementing a number of education policies and reforms aimed at gender parity are among her notable achievements in her career.
“The extent to which she’s in tune with the needs of higher education is demonstrated by the value she has brought to the university, something that has culminated into her appointment as chancellor,” said Dr Doyer.

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