Unlocking Chilubi potential


Analysis: JACK MWEWA
CHILUBI Island, sitting on waters of Lake Bangweulu in Northern Province, has potential for both food production and tourism attraction if well enhanced.
Boasting of the immense width and breadth of the waters that stretch over 3,000 square kilometres, Bangweulu feeds into Luapula River, which itself becomes the Congo River some 1,200km downstream.
Watching the sky envelope the waters of Bangweulu on either side is tourism in itself; especially that one might not know where the waters end once midway from the harbour.
Another breath-taking tourism spectacle worth attracting visitors is the fact that, together with the swamps and floodplain, which covers an area larger than the lake itself, Bangweulu is one of the world’s major wetland systems.
What more with Chambeshi River, believed to be the source of Africa’s largest second longest river, Congo River, feeding into Bangweulu from the east?
One would be on firm ground to argue that the aforementioned fact file testifies to the transformation of Chilubi into a sure tourism attraction.

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