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United we stand, divided we fall

FORMER American President Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided cannot stand”
Unity plays an important role for any group of people that desires to achieve a common goal.
For instance in soccer one of the major determinants success is how individual players unite and coordinate for the sole purpose of winning the game regardless of personal differences.
In the Bible we read of how Babylonians set out to build a city and the tower of Babel that would reach to heaven and for as long as they were united they made tremendous progress until disunity set in.
Our forefathers also demonstrated the power of unity during the struggle for independence when they united to fight against the British colonial rule.
It therefore goes to say Zambians now, like never before, need to unite and speak with one voice if they are to overcome the challenges being faced in the country.
The power deficit and depreciation of the Kwacha has attracted more prophets of doom than ‘prophets of hope’.
This is not time for bickering or attempting to gain political mileage but time to put our heads together to find lasting solutions to the challenges we are battling with.
History teaches us the importance of unity. If a country is united, nothing can shake or unsettle it. Disunity can cause it to be torn asunder in the face of a crisis or formidable forces.
We are not against the opposition or any concerned citizen offering constructive criticism but we are against anyone prophesying doom as opposed to bringing hope by suggesting practical solutions.
In times like these, Zambians, regardless of political affiliation, tribe, status and religion, need to unite and speak with one voice in seeking workable solutions.
While we do not dispute the impact of external market forces on the Kwacha some Zambians have not made the situation any better by engaging in careless and unprofitable talk which has potential to erode investor confidence.
The Bible says the power of life and death lies in the tongue. If we are patriotic citizens hoping to see change for the better let’s not tear down those in the steering seat with our words but support them.
For those who feel they have practical solutions to the challenges the country is going through let them heed to the president’s call to share their ideas rather than rushing to the media.
American visionaries like Hargreaves and Shirley (2009) advise that positive approach to change requires working together to solve problems and make improvements instead of engaging in competition.
Everyone in life goes through difficult times and this is also true for nations but only those who have learnt to establish and maintain a culture of unity, agreement, and harmony come out victorious out of such quandary.

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