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UNIP to revamp cooperatives


UNIP president Tilyenji Kaunda says he will revamp agricultural cooperatives to enable small-scale farmers increase their output which will culminate in job creation if elected republican president in the January 20 election.
Mr Kaunda says he will ensure that farmers get inputs on time, pay them on time and create a market for their produce.
He said this during a Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation television programme dubbed Know Your Candidate monitored in Lusaka on Wednesday night.
“We will make sure that cooperatives are working efficiently so that our farmers are paid on time and get their money on time as well,” Mr Kaunda said.
He also said UNIP will focus on empowering citizens with skills that will enable them earn a living by providing free education from to university.
Mr Kaunda said his government will adequately invest in the health sector and provide free healthcare services.
“We intend to invest in the health sector and offer free healthcare services to the Zambian people because we believe a healthy family results into a healthy nation” Mr Kaunda said.
He said he will use his experience, dedication and the party’s history to offer better services to Zambians.
Mr Kaunda said some former leaders failed to deliver on their campaign promises because they lacked experience, became selfish and neglected Zambians.
He, however, commended late President Sata and the Patriotic Front for the effort made to provide employment to the citizens especially the youth.
“Campaign promises are easy to make but they will only be attainable if one has the Zambian people as priority,” Mr Kaunda said.

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