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UNIP has renewed vigour – Anamela


UNIP vice-president Njekwa Anamela says the opposition party has a responsibility to give hope to Zambians while ensuring proper governance and administration of the country.
Mr Anamela said UNIP members must give hope to the people to tackle the social and economic challenges facing the country.
“We must give hope to the broad masses of our people that the everyday challenges that they face to make ends meet are a passing phase in our history as a people.”
Mr Anamela said this in Lusaka yesterday during UNIP’s annual membership renewal exercise, which is conducted every January 1.
He said UNIP members should move forward with renewed confidence, adding that as a founding party, it has a responsibility to offer solutions to problems Zambia is facing.
He called UNIP leaders to recommit themselves to the values and principles of the founding fathers and provide honest leadership.
Mr Anamela also urged politicians to engage the people in honest conversations and that this can only be done if leaders are open.
“People should look for leaders that are dedicated to serving the community interests and not to select people that are only interested in self-gain and self-interest, those who are on a mission to develop themselves at the expense of the people,” Mr Anamela said.
He said UNIP should not be silent when there is a breakdown of the rule of law, but speak out against bad governance and violence.
Mr Anamela said there is no need for anyone to engage in violence because people are bound to disagree but that that is not reason enough to attack other people.
He further urged President Lungu to remove the Public Order Act from the constitution, saying the clause is being used to intimidate people.
And Mr Anamela said UNIP is not afraid of participating in elections and that it has learnt a lot in terms of how multi-party politics operate and that this year it is working on improving its performance.
He said UNIP will participate in the forthcoming general elections as it has renewed vigour, adding that it is the only party which offers alternative ideas.
Meanwhile, KELVIN CHONGO reports that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has wished the people of Zambia an enjoyment of God’s blessings as they enter the New Year.
Mr Hichilema said in his New Year message that the potential within the people of Zambia and their country’s borders remains truly great.
The UPND leader notes that as Zambians enter 2016, they should all have aspirations.

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