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UNIP condemns political party violence

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
UNITED National Independence Party (UNIP) secretary general revered Alfred Banda has condemned violence and tribalism saying there is need to reject these vices because peace is important for national development.
Addressing a rally at Livingstone’s Maramba grounds yesterday, Rev Banda said his party will empower the women and youths economically once voted into office.
“You should vote for president Tilyenji Kaunda because is the only person that will give you a new hope through a better economy and life.
Our candidate is energetic, honest, has got a good character and will also implement a good manifesto,” he said.
Rev Banda said voters should not experiment with other political parties as UNIP has a track record of developing the country.
He said Zambians will not be disappointed if they elect Mr Kaunda because he will provide free education and health care.
“UNIP has got a proven track record through the things that it did for the country when it ruled for 27 years,” Rev Banda said.
He said all single mothers, the elderly above the age of 65 and the disabled will be given K200 as a monthly living allowance.
Rev Banda said the country is currently in foreign hands adding that it is only UNIP that would create jobs for the youths through industrialization.
“It is unfortunate that our country has become a salaula nation where everything is second hand. We need to have industries and companies that are owned by the local people,” he said.
Rev Banda said the party will use chiefdoms as hubs for delivering development countrywide.

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