UNIP did better than MMD, PF – Tilyenji

UNIP president Tilyenji Kaunda has charged that the MMD and Patriotic Front (PF) administrations have failed to sustain and add value to the development programmes that his party left after losing the 1991 general elections.
Mr Kaunda said UNIP, which reigned from 1964 to 1991, is the only political party that can boast of delivering meaningful development to Zambians.
He said in an interview yesterday that it is sad that Zambians have continued wallowing in abject poverty 50 years after independence.
“We believe that UNIP should again be given an opportunity to rule this nation because of its track record of delivering development.
“If UNIP was still in power this country could have developed to expectations but the people of Zambia made a serious problem by voting for the MMD and PF whose aspirations have failed to sustain and add value to the development of the country,” Mr Kaunda said.
He said UNIP succeeded in building infrastructure and industries in all parts of the country, which provided employment for local people.
“If given an opportunity to again rule this nation, we will ensure that we build hospitals, schools and roads in all parts of the country,” Mr Kaunda said.
He said the MMD and PF governments failed to match the levels of development left by UNIP and that the two political parties are merely riding on the achievements of the former ruling party.
Mr Kaunda has urged the people of Zambia to vote for him to help develop the country.
UNIP was voted out of office after a 27-year reign in the wake of shortages of essential commodities that sparked riots.

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