‘UNIP alive, here to build young people’s political careers’


TO MANY, the mention of the name United National Independence Party (UNIP) is associated with senior citizens, but with Beauty Kabwe, this is not the case. While others think the former ruling party is dead, Ms Kabwe feels it is still vibrant. The national chairperson believes the former ruling party is still alive and should be the go to party for young people. Ms Kabwe adds that UNIP is the only party that can offer young people chance to grow their political career. “When I thought of joining politics in 2015, the first party that came to mind was UNIP I felt it was the only party that would give me a platform to express myself and help me grow politically,” she says. Ms Kabwe shares that the former ruling party is a pro-poor party which also aims at promoting national unity and peace. She says it is unheard of for UNIP members to engage in political violence because of the ideologies the party stands for. Ms Kabwe says: “there is no tribalism or violence in UNIP because the party values unity of purpose. It stands for humanism.” She says UNIP is the only party whose founding members are not rich because they believe in serving the people as opposed to putting their interest first. Ms Kabwe says she joined politics to be a voice for marginalised women and champion their cause.
Having worked for Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), under a project called adolescent girls empowerment, she learned that women and girls are marginalised due to lack of representation. Ms Kabwe says women have for a long time been marginalised due to CLICK TO READ MORE

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