UNESCO urged to award Makishi

THE United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has been urged to fulfil its promise of awarding the with funds following its recognition as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity to promote culture tourism.
Senior Chief Ndungu of the Luvale speaking people in Zambezi made the appeal to UNESCO saying the resources could be channelled to promote the tourism cultural heritage in the district.
“Some officials from UNESCO some time back came and promised us that the money will be released, but we do not know what has happened,” Senior Chief Ndungu said in a telephone interview and called on Government to make a follow up with the organisation which made the recognition in 2005.
The traditional leader also appealed to investors in the hospitality industry to invest in the district to provide accommodation and other services to the increasing number of tourists who travel to attend the Likumbi lya Mize ceremony.
Chief Ndungu said tourists that travel to attend the Likumbi lya Mize were faced with challenges of accommodation.
“The only problem that is being faced is shortage of accommodation during the ceremony which most of the time results in high cost of accommodation,” he said.
The Chief said for the past two years there has been an increase in tourist flow attending the ceremony and that, “This year we had a hundred Makishi [dancers], next year we will increase the numbers.”
The Makishi are the main attraction at Likumbi lya Mize, a Luvale traditional ceremony of the North-western Province.
Meanwhile, the chief called on Government to construct a bridge on Zambezi River to enable tourists move without any hiccups instead of using a pontoon and to spend money as their vehicles are ferried across the river.

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