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Unbundling of UNZA should match schools to locations

Dear editor,
IT IS well known that UNZA is overcrowded and the more our population grows, the worse it is going to become. To avert the situation, more universities are being built across the country and offering courses that are supported by UNZA.
However, this falls short of dealing with the UNZA campus issues. The solution lies in looking at this problem from an economic point of view, i.e. the School of Mines is wrongly located in Lusaka where no mines are found, the school of agriculture cannot offer research opportunities and cheap hands-on experience when it is based in a cosmopolitan setting.
The only schools best suited for the current location of UNZA Great East campus is School of Humanities (some fields only), Medicine and Economics because Lusaka is the centre of these studies.
The other schools need to be moved to more appropriate areas like Copperbelt – School of Mines (most appropriate if we want to grow our influence in mines), Southern Province or Central Province – School of Agriculture (plenty of hands-on cheap experience and exposure)
Muchinga, North-Western and Western provinces – School of Education in all its varieties. Northern Province – School of Natural Sciences, etc.
The unbundling of UNZA will further create a trickle-down effect as these new schools will create employment opportunities in real estate and the spending power of students will greatly change the areas where these schools will be located.
The bonus will be a small manageable number of students at UNZA great East campus.
This centralisation addiction we have in our country does not serve us well and needs to come to an end.

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