‘Umupondo’ wows Solwezi crowds

MACKY II performing at G Greens Nightclub in Solwezi on Saturday. PICTURES: BUTTYSON KANDIMBA

IT IS not every day that the residents of Solwezi get to see a leading local musician, even after the growth of the town as a result of the mining activities. Yes, they are used to seeing entertainment in the form of football with the likes of Nkana, Power Dynamos, Kabwe Warriors, Zanaco, Zesco and Green Buffaloes making their way here. But rarely do they see leading musicians.
Fortunately, G-Greens has been making that possible. Unsurprisingly, all roads in Solwezi last Saturday led to G-Greens where hip hop artiste Macky II was performing.
By 20:00 hours, the venue already had a fairly large crowd waiting to see Umupondo as Macky II is sometimes called.
But there was a lot of deviation nevertheless. There was a huge game involving Liverpool and Real Madrid, and a lot of people wanted to watch it.
Still, that hardly affected the musical programme at G-Greens.
After a number of Solwezi-based musicians took to the stage, Macky II made his way to the stage. By then, the game between Liverpool and Real Madrid had been decided by Gareth Bale (or if you like by Sergio Ramos).
“Sorry for coming late but munjeleleko (forgive me) ba Solwezi,” Macky II said before starting his performance.
He performed a number of songs from his previous albums as people danced and sang along.
Then he quipped, jocularly: “The way you are singing and dancing to Macky II songs, if this is how you do it in church, God would have been very happy.”
It was part of the show. The patrons could only laugh at themselves.
Several people were seen capturing the proceedings which lasted for slightly over two hours on their smart phones.
But there was a surprise in the audience, and this was former national football team captain Rainford Kalaba who was invited on stage by Macky II.

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