Letter to the Editor

UBA: Please, refund me

Dear editor,
I WISH to express my disappointment with what I consider to be daylight theft by United Bank for Africa (UBA) for its failure to refund me the money it deducted from my account when I used an Atlas Mara ATM last month.
I have an account with UBA Cairo Branch and on January 7, I went to withdraw money from an Atlas Mara ATM at Levy Business Park in Lusaka.
When I pushed my VISA card into the ATM, there was a message that the issuer [UBA] had declined, but the money was deducted.
The following day, I went to UBA Cairo Road Branch to explain what happened, but I was told to fill in a certain form. I was told that the refund would be made anytime within 45 days.
When I asked why it should take so long to make a refund, I was told that is UBA’s policy. Surely, in this era of technology, how can an institution which claims to be a pan-African bank be so backwards?
I say so because for other banks, when there is a failed ATM transaction but the money is deducted, it is automatically reversed. This is what is expected of a well-organised bank in this day and age.
I just wonder how the Bank of Zambia can allow banks like UBA with such kind of mediocrity to continue stealing from its clients. I have called UBA so many times on my mobile number 0977500841, but all I get are just funny stories based on empty promises.
I now intend to leave this bank because I can’t cope with its poor services to customers. I also appeal to the Bank of Zambia to censure UBA and never allow such banks to operate in our country because we will continue losing our hard-earned money.
Please ba UBA, pull up your socks and become efficient like other banks. I say so because even our own Zanaco is much more efficient than UBA.

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