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Typhoid breaks out in Mpika

TYPHOID has broken out in Mpika district with 38 cases recorded so far, and two admitted to Chilonga Mission Hospital.

Mpika district medical officer Jane Mwenda and Muchinga Province permanent secretary Bright Nundwe confirmed the outbreak of typhoid in separate interviews yesterday.
Dr Mwenda disclosed that 36 patients have been discharged and are receiving treatment from home.
She said the 38 patients are all from Tazara compound.
“The cases are as at yesterday [Sunday], we have since distributed chlorine to all households and treated the wells to prevent further outbreak of the disease,” Dr Mwenda said.
Dr Mwenda is hopeful that the disease will be contained.
And Mr Nundwe said typhoid cases have been recorded in Tazara Compound due to lack of proper toilets, and as a result of shallow wells which people have dug in the area.
He said the cases were recorded on Friday, and he immediately went to visit the two victims admitted to Chilonga Mission Hospital.
“I also visited Tazara area, where I discovered that the place has no running water and proper sanitation,” Mr Nundwe said.
Mr Nundwe has since engaged management at Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company to put up piped water, and a bill of quantities has since been prepared.
“As a temporary measure, water bowsers from the Zambia National Service are being taken to the area to provide clean water for the people,” he said.
He said another measure being explored is the sinking of deep boreholes for the residents of Tazara.


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