Twins plan rebirth


THE twins Dennise and Derrick who are collectively known as D2, who released their first album in 2007 titled Civilian Soldier are back in the studio working on their second album which they say they will release soon.In September last year, D2 released a single titled Nangu Waliya featuring Drimz which was produced by Jerry Fingers and had a video which was shot by Maynard.
Dennis said since their last album, they have been working on their new image as well as style of music to fit in with what is happening now.
“Since our last album, we’ve just been dropping singles and we were working on our new image also trying to observe the industry just to fit in the music industry,” Dennise said.
“Zambian music is changing everyday, so we wanted to come up with something that most people can relate to and like. At least we found out what people are loving, we were studying the industry and now that we have done so, we’re ready to come up with another album.”
Dennise said their album is half way done although they have not given it a title yet as they are still deciding.
The album is being produced by Sugar Sounds, Jerry Fingers and Music for Change studios.
Other than working with Dalisoul, they have also done songs with Dalisoul, Dandy Crazy, Afunika and B’Flow.
Dennise says they may collaborate with more artistes as they are still recording.
He said the two singles Nangu Waliya and Napapata Winchinga will be on the album as bonus tracks although as remixed versions.
“On this album, we’ll tackle all the issues, there will be love songs and on gender-based violence, child marriages, we’ll talk about all those issues),” he says.
Their current single Napapata Winchinga featuring Dalisoul, is a motivational song which has done well on radio and charted on Radio Phoenix.
Dennise says the song talks about not despising people who are trying to make it in life.
“Most people in life don’t like giving opportunities to people, so it’s about giving opportunity to people instead of despising. Most people will despise you without even hearing what you,” he says.
“The inspiration behind it comes from the way people are living right now, a lot of youths are complaining about not being given opportunities to show what they can do.”

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