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Twamulisamfwe Singers release Sata tribute album

Gospel Grooves with FELIX NYAMBE
THE man affectionately described as the “man of action”, late President Michael Sata, may have been put to rest 10 months ago, but his personality still touches millions across the country.
Having sampled an endless list of eulogies from all sectors of society shortly after his death, with the gospel fraternity leading in praise and worship, the Christian community continue to pay tribute to the fifth republican president, who died in a London hospital last October.
Special Tribute to Michael Sata is the St. Peter’s Catholic Parish-based 24- member Twamulisamfwe Singers’ new album which was recorded at Ndola’s Mission Press. And what an awesome 12 package of hymns!
And like the group’s name suggests, no matter how one tries to inherit the earthly wealth, only salvation in the Lord will lead you to Heaven.
Simply put, the group, which is directed by Paul Chitondo, prods all believers to seek first the Kingdom of God and His wisdom and everything shall be added to you.
According to Chitondo, Twamulisamfwe is a Bemba name given to a particular type of Mushroom, which is in abundance in most parts of Luapula Province.
The group’s album opens with a heart felt tribute song to the poor, which the group perceives to be marginalised and oppressed in most societies, titled Ukufyengelesha kwa balanda.
The song Nabwelelamo ine is a comforting song to those who are heavily burdened by the passing on of a bread-winner in the family, and their comfort only lies in the grace of God.
The album also contains a handful of praise and thanks-giving songs such as Ambuye Mulungu, Tuta Pa Ngoma as well as Yawileni Mwansabamba, bringing some defining Holy Ghost “noise” to the Alter of the Lord.
Just as the Bible does not compromise those who hold on to what belongs to the Lord, such as tithe and offering, the group’s other songs such as Ulutambi Lwakumutula, Chuma Catuchi and Umutulo Mulemona timely warns all Christians to obey the Biblical commands.
Meanwhile, just as the Bible in Ecclesiastes 11:9 prods the youth to worship the Lord while they are still young, the group’s Ilyo Naliumwaiche edifies this scripture.
Concluding this amazing product is the song Imfumu Yesu Ikeni which is occasionally sang during the Catholic Church’s Sunday Church services.
For their marketing and promotional purposes, the group has partnered with Yatasni Radio, which has been playing the demo-album to its esteemed listeners.
And in a walk-in interview, the group’s director, Paul Chitondo, who was flanked by one of the singers, Grace Wandimba has since appealed to the corporate and well-wishers for sponsorship to have the album and its accompanying videos released.
“The group is looking for sponsors to enable it produce a video and put the album on the market before the memorial service of our late President Sata,” appealed Chitondo in a statement.
While the group is still looking for sponsorship, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC)-sponsored Born ‘n’ Bred video awards voting on-line are steaming up.
In the best gospel video category are the likes of Miracle by Fire (Ambuye Ngenani (, Abel Chungu (Forever), Prophet Emmanuel (Too Much), Felix (Shilili) and Ben P (Square).
Keyboard player and vocalist, Nathan Nyirenda, has also been nominated in the best conscious category where he has been pitted against Wigy Man (Born from A Woman), B-Flow (Side Plate), Steve G (Save the Children) and Dalisoul (Ndichiristeni). Details will be exclusively on this space next week!
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