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Turkey invites Zambia, DRC

MINISTER of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba (third right) with Zambia’s Ambassador to Turkey Miriam Mulenga (fourth) in a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu (third left) in Turkey recently.

TURKISH Business Angels Association (TBAA) president Baybars Altuntas has invited Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to speak at the world business investment forum in Instabul, Turkey, next year.
The forum brings together the best global small and medium enterprises and public and corporate early stage market players currently working in collaboration to ease access to finance entrepreneurs.
Mr Altuntas, who is also vice- president of EBAN, which is the European Trade Association for Business Angels Network, said the forum is key for the two countries to attend as it will be a platform to network.
It will be held under the topic of partnering with the corporate ventures from start-up, scale-up to exit.
“It was my great honour for me to invite the Deputy Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry for Zambia and DRC to give a speech to the forum and to talk more on what is happening in Zambia and the region,” he said.
He urged policy-makers in the region and in Zambia to support entrepreneurs directly and also consider smart ways of finding a breach to speak the same language with SME start-up and invest in industrialisation processes to create jobs, wealth, social justice and more tax.
Meanwhile Mr Altuntas said Zambia will soon become a leader of movements in creating an innovative solution for access to finance in the region.
“I perceive that Zambia is now converting the country to a central hub of innovation, which is good, and I am impressed to see energy from the private sector,” he said.
TBAA was formed by SMEs called business angels to create an international community of business networks and leaders for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship through the financing of high growth start-up companies with the support of business angels worldwide.

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