Trump urged to reconsider Paris Agreement move

THE United States has been urged to reconsider its move to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement it committed to in 2015 for the benefit of the global community.

On Friday, President Donald Trump announced the decision to pull out from the climate change deal signed by almost 187 countries saying it was a harsh one and that it would cost millions of American jobs.

But Africa Union Commission (AUC)’s Department for Rural Economy and Agriculture director Godfrey Bahiingwa said as Africa Union (AU), it clearly understands the impact of climate change on the continent.
In an interview in Kampala on Friday, Dr Bahiingwa appealed to President Trump to reconsider his country’s decision saying as part of the Paris Agreement, AU had committed to working with our member states to ensure the commitments are met and integrate them into the respective national development plans.
“The Paris deal was a landmark agreement for our planet because local leaders came together on how to mitigate climate change for the benefit of the global community.
“We believe that if we as a continent remain committed to the actions, we committed to in the Paris Agreement, we can make a difference not only on our continent but for the global community,” Dr Bahiingwa said.
He also appealed to Africa and the global community to stick to the commitments despite President Trump’s announcement as the deal was not only to ensure continued existence but also secure the agreement.
On what effect it will have on AUC’s agenda to accelerate agricultural growth and transformation, Dr Bahiingwa said the union will continue to focus on the sector as research has shown that money invested in agriculture brings higher returns than in any other sector.
“As a continent, we have no choice but invest and make progress in agriculture. The sector continues to present the best opportunities for achieving the high level goals set by our heads of state in Malabo Declaration,” he said.


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