Trio get crazy again

AFTER being relatively inactive for about 15 years, Ba Crazy have made a comeback with the release of a single titled Wedding.
Ba Crazy, comprising the original members Joe, Andrew and Darling, are signed under Nexus Music, which together with Kalandanya Music Promotions look to be onto something big on the local music front.
Speaking on behalf of the group, Joe says they have been quiet because they had other careers to pursue.
“We have been around pushing other careers to sustain and maintain our music careers, we believe art is wide and there are a lot of ways it can be expressed, for example, graphic designs and printing,” he says.
“We have also been around recording and doing our research on how best we can fuse in the old and new Zambian music, which can sell internationally to sustain the music industry, that’s the reason for our comeback. We believe we still have a lot to contribute to the music industry.”
Their new single, which is the first single off their forthcoming album, is a love song which talks about a couple celebrating their journey and reminding each other of what they went through before they got married.
Joe says the group believes in love and building marriages while drawing their inspiration from God and society.
The single is produced by Execilion and Beatbanger, mastered by Kekero while Kay Pride helped with songwriting. The video was shot by Red Dot and directed by Ashtray.
Under the resurrected Nexus Music label, Ba Crazy will release five albums.
Joe could not give much detail regarding the first album but believes the single will do enough in announcing their comeback.
In 2018, Ba Crazy was supposed to release an album which was to be titled Best of Ba Crazy.
But Joe says the music that they recorded then might be released later as album number five under Nexus.
“We are actually signed with Nexus Music for five albums, this song Wedding is just an introduction to a lot more good professional music,” he says. “To our fans, we want to say thank you for the love, encouragement and support we have been getting. They should expect more good, sweet, mature and uplifting music this time around.”

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