Letter to the Editor

Tribute to former Veep Lupando Mwape

Dear editor,
THE late Vice-President Lupando Mwape, who died last week in South Africa, was a very quiet worker that never blew his own trumpet through the media.
He began his political career by contesting the Lukashya constituency by-election after the substantive Member of Parliament died.
Before late President Dr Frederick Chiluba announced the candidate for the Lukashya by-election, he sent his vice-President Enoch Kavindele to interview prospective candidates. According to Mr Kavindele, he interviewed four candidates, among them doctors, and settled for late Lupando Mwape as candidate for Lukashya constituency. Then the republican President announced his name to the nation.
That’s how the political career for his honour late Vice- President Lupando Mwape began. At the time he retired from his Job in Lusaka and decided to settle in the village. The then ruling MMD won the by-election with Lupando Mwape as candidate.
After serving as Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr Mwape was then appointed as the republican Vice-President.
The nation has lost a dow-to-earth politician who never segregated against his fellow human beings on the basis of tribe or creed.
May his soul rest in eternal peace!

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