Tribute to a true statesman

FORMER Vice-President Lupando Mwape (right) confering with late President Levy Mwanawasa.

I FIRST met former Vice-President Lupando Katoloshi Mwape in Shanghai in 2008 when he was Zambia’s Ambassador to China. Of course I had heard so much about him during his time as Vice- President and Minister under the presidency of Levy Mwanawasa.
When I first met him, he was leading a delegation of Zambian parliamentarians that had come to China on a state visit. I had travelled from Wuhan City to Shanghai to meet this delegation of parliamentarians with a view to talking to them about the possibility of our company Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group of China setting up a bio-energy project in Zambia.
The company was planning to set up operations in Africa and South America and I was the international business manager responsible for this undertaking.
When through his embassy officials he learnt about our visit to their hotel that morning, Mr Mwape immediately came to the lobby to meet us. He was very happy to learn about what we wanted to do in Africa and he was even happier because the project was being managed by a Zambian.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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