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Trespassing lands granny behind bars



A 62-YEAR-OLD woman will spend over a year behind bars for persistently trespassing on her former son-in-law’s house, where she also stole K1,750 cash with the help of her grandson.
The money, which Alesya Ngulube stole, belonged to her former son-in-law’s, wife, Harriet Mwaba.
This is in a case Ngulube was charged with criminal trespass and theft.
On November 25 last year, Ngulube unlawfully trespassed the premises of Able Mwaba, her former son-in-law, with an intention to steal.
When the matter came up on Thursday, Ngulube was found guilty and was convicted of criminal trespass and theft.
During trial, Ngulube’s 12-year-old grandson narrated that his grandmother sent him to go and steal money from his father’s house.
And Mr Mwaba told the court that he never had peace from the time he divorced Ngulube’s daughter and that he once caught his former mother-in-law loitering within his premises.
After trial, Ndola-based magistrate Brian Simachela convicted Ngulube after the prosecution team proved the case beyond reasonable doubt.
In his findings, magistrate Simachela established that Ngulube trespassed on Mr Mwaba’s residence and sent her grandson to steal money from his house.
Magistrate Simachela further noted that it was not the first time Ngulube was trespassing on Mr Mwaba’s house as CLICK TO READ MORE

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