Letter to the Editor

Transformation of the Office of the CI

Dear editor,
ALLOW me space in your ever-glowing media house to comment on the transformation of the Commission for Investigation into the office of the Public Protector following the enactment of the new constitution by President Edgar Lungu.
As a country we seem to be flowing in the right direction and for sure our democratic model and profile is being raised to higher heights notwithstanding the negative criticisms being unnecessarily peddled by some media houses.
The Government has been very straight and sincere in regard to the enactment of the constitution and one fruit that has henceforth come out is the granting of autonomy to the office of the Public Protector.
It is very clear that the voice of the people is for sure the voice of God and that this being the case, the Public Protector is now better positioned, more than ever before, to attend to the crying majority over a cross section of issues, and this is surely what we have been looking forward to as a great nation that aspires to stand tall as an independent nation.
As reported in the papers, the office of the Public Protector will soon be holding public proceedings and will, above all, be reporting to Parliament, which represents the will and aspirations of the people.
My fellow citizens, we are surely moving in the right direction where those in positions of authority will for sure account for their respective deeds and, above all, work for the people rather than the other way round.
The tears of the people have never fallen on the ground.The time has come when the office-holders will be made to make prudent decisions to benefit the people.
Low morale at places of work, especially in the civil service, can be attributed to the prevalent work culture and vices such as corruption, nepotism and favouritism that those with authority in those public offices have used to benefit themselves and those near them.
All forms of negativity have limitations and the Office of the Public Protector has for sure come at the right time when the President has cracked a strong whip against corruption, especially in the civil service

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