Letter to the Editor

Traffic police should help RTSA

Dear editor,
LATELY we have been reading stories about people who have been arrested and prosecuted for various offences by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA).
Most of those who have found themselves victims of the new intensified law enforcement have been found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol.
Few have been punished for dangerous driving and contravening other traffic rules.
I think the introduction of the fast track courts where these people are being prosecuted is helping to restore sanity on public roads, especially in urban areas.
I have, however, observed that those who have been taken to court are those who have mostly been cornered by RTSA officers.
It is rare to see traffic police take someone to court over traffic offences except for causing death by dangerous driving because they are under pressure from the relatives of the deceased.
In Lusaka most of the time the police officers will ‘fine’ the culprit on the sport or will take them to their yard at the Central police station for ‘negotiations’.
I am urging traffic police officers to emulate their RTSA counterparts by ensuring those who deliberately engender the lives of others are punished so that it serves as a lesson.

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