Letter to the Editor

Traffic officers need training in public relations

Dear editor,
ALLOW me space in your respected publication to appeal for special human relations courses for our police service personnel.
I have a lot of respect for the police service as they have a very important role of keeping law and order in our community.
However, the recent happenings where a police traffic officer on duty is captured harassing, physically and verbally, a motorist risk putting the reputation of the police service in disrepute.
I appeal to the leaders that be to help the police personnel by taking them for regular courses on human relations, and public relations to help them understand how best to deal with individuals without always having to resort to force.
We have heard the police command time and again state that they are in the process of turning what was once feared as a “force” into a “service”.
To ensure a successful transition will call for a complete overhaul in terms of mindset and attitude of our respected men and women in uniform.
We are living in an era of social media and citizen journalism, making it so easy for people to record and capture happenings on camera as they occur.
Police officers should therefore be wary of this, and their actions can be easily spread out to such an extent that they are taken to be actions of all policemen and women, thus tainting the image of the whole service.
Kindly curtail such behaviour through effective training.

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