Traditional ceremonies an integral part of our culture


Analysis: JAMES KONI
ATLAS Mara is a proud sponsor of traditional ceremonies because we believe they are an integral part of our culture and seek to reinforce our collective identity as Zambians.
They provide an opportunity to us all, to remember where we come from and what makes us who we are, collectively, as Zambians.
Further, by reminding us of our cherished values and beliefs, traditional ceremonies enable our communities to fully participate in the culture and heritage of the Zambian people as a whole and is also a celebration of what it is to be uniquely African.
At times like these, a financial institution such as ours is reminded of the overarching responsibility towards our own efforts to ensure that the millions of Zambians who are excluded from full participation in banking are fully included.
Thus in support of the 2017 National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) by the Ministry of Finance, which provides a road map to accelerate the financial inclusion journey in Zambia, Atlas Mara has introduced the ‘Tenga’ Mobile Money simply and fondly called Tenga.
‘Tenga’ Mobile Money provides convenient and affordable banking solutions for the unbanked, extending financial inclusion for all.
It also creates a unified connection to the existing unbanked population. It will help create financial history for the unbanked enabling them to access credit and investment decisions in time.
For the bank, it is clear that a complete and fulfilled celebration of our culture has a direct connection with the empowerment of our people.
In this light, we would like to use this opportunity to highlight an empowerment tool, that is the ‘Tenga’ Mobile Money, as one key initiative launched by Atlas Mara in fulfilment of the national agenda for financial inclusion.
This initiative is a financial solution that will enable every Zambian across the country to save and invest, transfer moneys, make bill payments and provide short-term borrowing opportunities for all.
As such, it is more than just a money transfer tool, it’s a bank on your mobile phone that is easily accessible using USSD, Android and Apple Applications.
‘Tenga’ can be accessed on your mobile phone, through our partners Zoona with over 1,200 booths as well as our branch network with 67 outlets and 174 ATMs across the country.
This solution comes with zero monthly charges. This comes at a time when many Zambians are looking for basic and affordable financial services.
Our sincere thanks to the Bank of Zambia for the role it is playing in creating an environment that promotes financial inclusion and to the Government for creating policies that aim to include all Zambians.
I would also like to reaffirm our continued commitment to supporting traditional ceremonies in Zambia.
The author is Atlas Mara managing director.

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