Letter to the Editor

Trading at cemeteries illegal, unacceptable

Dear editor,
CEMETERIES are final resting places for our loved ones when they die. As such, the cemeteries and the deceased in particular should be accorded the utmost respect they deserve.

Essentially, trading in various goods and services is one thing and trading in designated areas such as markets is another.
In the recent past, some traders have resorted to selling their merchandise at cemeteries with impunity.
This is very wrong and it is a serious offence punishable by law. Dwelling more on this aspect, there is a by-law in place which criminalises traders conducting their businesses at cemeteries.
For the traders to continue trading at cemeteries entails that there is laxity of the law.
In view of this trend of trading at cemeteries, there is need for enforcement of the law by the local authority to curb lawlessness.
If you go to bury your loved ones in Lusaka cemeteries such as Chingwere, Chunga and Leopards Hill, you will find traders selling alcohol, cigarettes, mineral water among others.
Little wonder why you would find people getting drunk at the graveyards because of selling of alcohol. This does not augur well. Worse still, trading at cemeteries is illegal and unacceptable.

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