TPIN awareness intensified

THE Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has embarked on massive tax-payer identification number (TPIN) registration campaigns to sensitise the public on the importance and need to

obtain the identification number ahead of the December deadline.
Last week, ZRA held an open day at Levy Mall and is expected to host another at Cosmopolitan Mall this week to interact and educate the public on the various tax issues.
The authority has, therefore, called on the public to actively participate in tax programmes to enhance their understanding and familiarise themselves with the operations of ZRA.
During the organisation’s open day on Thursday at Levy Mall, ZRA client services officer Chabala Lupenga said the open day is a platform that promotes interface networking, which is good for both the organisation and the public.
“It is one of the activities that we conduct as ZRA. We also have road and trade shows. However, such activities like an open day present an opportunity for us to reach out to tax-payers.
“We usually go to places which are more convenient to the public such as shopping malls because you know there are a lot of people visiting and most of them do not have time to come to our offices. There are certain people who just have this fear of tax offices,” Mr Lupenga said.
He said ZRA will continue devising innovative methods that helps to ease the way of doing business and further increase tax-payer compliance.


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