Letter to the Editor

Too much time for debates?

Dear editor,
I AM a keen follower of debates in Zambia’s Parliament and I have been generally happy with what is said.
I, however, think that debaters are given too much time to make their points and because of this, some of them stray into other matters outside what should be discussed. Surely, why should it take 10 minutes or more for an MP to make his or her point.
My thought was reinforced on Saturday October 19 when I listened to part of the Brexit debate in the British Parliament.
The contributions were comparatively much shorter and to the point. Just about two minutes each.
This ensured that more MPs were accorded an opportunity to be heard.
Zambia does not have to copy everything that the House of Commons does, but surely this is one practice that would add some value to Zambia’s august House.

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