Letter to the Editor

Too many speed traps on Great North Road

Dear editor,
I RECENTLY went to the Copperbelt. I was not amused with the number of speed cameras and traps between Lusaka and Manyumbi Tollgate. There were about five or six speed traps.
As a result, there was so much unnecessary congestion. Even the way the same speed traps/cameras are placed, it’s in a stealthy way.
It is clear these officers who man cameras and speed traps are not necessarily interested in preventing accidents by regulating speed but catching motorists unawares and making a fortune out of them.
This is not supposed to be the case. The traffic officers should mount speed traps where it is visible.
There is also no need to put so many speed traps on a small stretch while other areas are left unattended to. This shows that officers target places with good hiding spots where they can easily make money.
It does not make sense to have six speed traps between Lusaka and Manyumbi.
Can the police officers be deployed to other needy areas and just leave one camera between Lusaka and Manyumbi?

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