Tongas, Bembas, Chewas were one

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AN AUTHOR of three books on Zambia’s history says Tongas, Bembas and Chewas are one people who originally spoke one language.
Nicholas Katanekwa, who is also former chief executive officer of the National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) said on Friday at the Lusaka National Museum, where he launched three books.

The books are The Prehistory of the 73 Plus Bantu Languages of Zambia 3000 BC-AD1600, Zambia’s Outstanding Natural Cultural and Historical Sites – A Heritage for All and The Barotseland in Maps.

Mr Katanekwa said there are three types of Bantu languages and groups in Africa and Zambia.
He said the pottery that these people used was able to remain in the ground for many years and it is this archaeological, historical and geographical evidence that confirms that there are three groups of Bantu people in…

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