Toll plazas to rake in K20m each month

MOTORISTS paying toll fees at Manyumbi in Kapiri Mposhi on the Great North Road. PICTURE: CHAMBO NG’UNI

GOVERNMENT projects K20 million in revenue from four new toll plazas at Katuba, Shimabala, Mumbwa and Chongwe which are scheduled for opening this month.
This is according to the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA).
NRFA public relations manager Alphonsius Hamachila said in an interview yesterday that Avic International, the contractor engaged to construct the conventional toll plazas at a cost of US$9.8 million, has already installed canopies, booths and booms at the three sites.
Mr Hamachila said the plazas have been installed with user-friendly features such as automatic number plate recognition devices, toll price electronic displays and enhanced security monitoring.
He said toll discounts for eligible motorists will apply at all the toll stations across the country.
Mr Hamachila said the Katuba toll plaza will have the highest traffic volume of 9,000 vehicles per day and has eight service lanes with four booths serving the north-bound traffic and another four booths for the south-bound traffic.
“The projected monthly revenue at Katuba is K10.8 million while Shimabala toll plaza will have a daily traffic volume of 5,000 and will have three toll booths serving the south-bound traffic and three others serving the north-bound traffic with projected monthly collections of K6 million,” he said.
Mr Hamachila said the Mumbwa toll plaza will have a traffic volume of 700 per day and will have two toll booths catering for the west-bound traffic and two booths for the east-bound traffic with an estimated revenue collection of K840,000 each month.
He said full-scale construction works at the Chongwe toll plaza will start once the weather becomes favourable.
“Under the frequent user discounts, vehicles falling into the category of `small’ pay K5 per passage and light vehicles between two and three axles are paying K10 per single access, thus enjoying up to 75 percent rebate in form of frequent user discounts for each passage within a prescribed period,” Mr Hamachila said.
To be eligible for the Frequent User Discount, a vehicle whose vehicular characteristics fall into an eligible category should have passed through a particular toll station at least 10 times within 30 days.
“Thereafter, the vehicle shall qualify to be able to pay at a ‘frequent user’ discount rate for a period of another 30 days,” Mr Hamachila said.
Government is implementing the construction and operation of toll gates to raise money for the maintenance of roads as a strategy for extending their lifespan.

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