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Together, everyone achieves more

There was once a man who earned his living by catching birds and selling them in the market.
He was an expert in catching quails. He devised a scheme to catch them. He would imitate the cry of a quail and this would attract the quails.

When they came close, he would throw a net over them. Through such means he caught a lot of quails.

The king of the quails was upset about the loss of his friends and called a meeting of all quails at which he gave an order: “If any of you are caught in the net you must spread your wings and fly upwards. In this way you will carry the net with you and so make your escape.”
All the quails agreed to the idea. Thus, the next time the man threw his net over a flock of quails they lifted their heads and flew away with the net.
The man was very surprised and that day he returned home without catching any birds.
From that time onward whenever he tried to catch some quails the same thing would happen.
The birds flew away carrying his net. He lost a number of nets and of course, his biggest loss was the income as he could no longer take quails to the market to sell.
Before long the man’s wife began to grumble because of his failure to catch quails.
The man explained to his wife how the quails were managing to escape capture.
However, he optimistically added: “Don’t worry. They get away now because they all work together. But I am sure it will not last.”
The man’s patience paid. One day, as the quails were landing, one trod on the head of another and a quarrel ensued.
Despite the offending quail apologising and explaining that the act was accidental, the offended quail insisted that it was a deliberate act.
The rest of the quails joined in the quarrel, each taking one side or the other.
The next day the man attracted some quails with his call. When they came he threw his net over them.
This time he caught them in the middle of their argument and they failed to work together. So he was able to roll up his net and carry them home.
This story from Jakarta teaches about the importance of working together. It reflects the truth of the saying, “United we stand, divided we fall”.
Before the quails learnt the power of working in harmony and unison, they got caught – but it was essentially because of their ignorance.
They did not know what to do. But their king gave them the solution. However, after they knew what to do, they later got caught because they destroyed the spirit of team work.
If you are part of a team, it is critical to work as a team and not as selfish individuals.
Put the interests of the group above your narrow personal interests. Be a team builder and team player.
Many good efforts and organisations have been destroyed because of the selfish attitude of some individuals.
Team spirit is only possible where team members not only respect and play their roles, but also where they respect the roles of others.
Sometimes all it takes to maintain team spirit is humility – the ability to lay aside one’s pride and stop an argument even if one looks foolish.
The quails failed because none of them was willing to compromise. A united team is strong and productive.
There is a lot of truth in the famous explanation of the word TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.


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