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Titus : Talented artist

TITUS Mtonga is in his final year at Mukasa Secondary School in Choma. He is a talented artist.

In fact, let’s just say he is a born artist.
Despite not being at an art school, Titus is determined to go a longway with his God-given gift. According to him, he is sure that he can get the best out of it.
“I love art. Growing up, I have always loved drawing and sketching even though I have not really been to an art school. But I will go on with it,” he told the Sunday Mail.
He says practising art guarantees the utmost development.
“I make sure that I get the best out of this talent I have,” he said.
Asked what he wants to study when he completes his secondary school education, in a few months’ time, Titus replies, “I want to study Computer Engineering and Graphic Design.”
But, just like any other pupil, he knows that in order to achieve his dream, he will need to balance drawing and studying.
He understands that if he does not pass with good grades in the final examination, he will practically have challenges living his dream.
That is why he is committed to school, and for now, it remains top on his priority list.
“I know that I have to study really hard. If I don’t study, I know that even my talent of art will have little impact because any talent without an education is practically useless,” he says.
He recently took part in a drawing competition at the Choma National Museum during the commemoration of the International Museum Day which was celebrated under the theme: Museums and contested histories; saying the unspeakable in museums”.
He was thrilled to have taken part.
“It is always a nice feeling to have such occasions where an opportunity is given to us young people to learn about our history and culture,” he says.
He advises others to remain focussed and always look deep within themselves to find a talent God has blessed them with.
“You know that talent cannot be taken away from you. It is God-given. But any talent has to go hand in hand with school. So, my advice to all my fellow young people out there is to say, much as they pursue their talents, let’s also be mindful that it goes well with an education,” he says.


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