Title deed blessing backfires

POLICE in Kabwe have arrested and detained a pastor for allegedly trying to sell a house belonging to a member of his church without her knowledge.
The aggrieved congregant took her title deed to Pastor William Chikonde to bless it but the 40-year-old clergyman of Chowa Stage Two allegedly started looking for customers to buy the house without her knowledge.
Central Province commissioner of police Lombe Kamukoshi said Pastor Chikonde is detained at one of the police stations in Kabwe.
She said the pastor’s intentions were exposed after one suspicious potential buyer did a background check.
“One of the congregants took her title deed to the pastor to bless them but instead, he proceeded to sell the same property using the same title deed and one person who wanted to buy did investigations which led to the true owner of the property,” Ms Kamukoshi said.

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