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Time waster given back his K30 dowry

A WOMAN has backed out of a polygamous marriage alleging that her husband did not tell her that he was married already.
This is in a case in which Kapulula Kalunga, 34, sued Evaristo Mapulanga, 47, for courts order on K30 dowry.
Kalunga told Kabushi Local Court Senior Presiding Magistrate Agness Mulenga sitting with Mildred Namwizye and Evelyn Nalwizya that she wanted dowry returned to Mapulanga for wasting her time.
“I knew him in 2008 and he told me that he wanted a woman to marry. Later I got pregnant for him and my family charged him K1,000 for damage. In 2016 I had another child for him and again he was called by my family but said he was still preparing himself. Since then he has never told me anything and it’s like he is wasting my time,” she said. CLICK TO READ MORE

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